The Ultimate Guide to Suit Jacket Alteration

Why are suit jacket alterations important?

When it comes to looking sharp and professional, the fit of your suit jacket plays a crucial role. Ill-fitting jackets can make you appear sloppy and detract from your overall style. That's where suit jacket alterations come in. By making precise adjustments, you can transform an off-the-rack jacket into a tailored masterpiece that accentuates your body shape.

What are the most common suit jacket alterations?

1. Sleeve Length: The sleeves should end at the base of your thumb, allowing around half an inch of your shirt cuff to show.

2. Jacket Length: The jacket should cover your buttocks and the zipper of your pants, creating a balanced silhouette.

3. Waist Suppression: A tailored waistline creates a slimming effect and enhances your natural body shape.

4. Shoulder Adjustment: The shoulder seams should align with your natural shoulder line, ensuring a comfortable fit.

5. Collar Adjustment: A well-fitted collar should sit snugly against the back of your neck without any gaps.

How to find a skilled tailor?

When it comes to suit jacket alterations, it's crucial to find a skilled tailor who understands the intricacies of men's fashion. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one:

1. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had successful alterations.

2. Look for tailors who specialize in men's clothing and have experience with suit alterations.

3. Read online reviews and check their portfolio to gauge their expertise and attention to detail.

4. Schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements and assess their knowledge and professionalism.

How much do suit jacket alterations cost?

The cost of suit jacket alterations can vary depending on the complexity of the adjustments and the tailor's expertise. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 and $150 for common alterations. However, intricate modifications or high-end fabrics may incur additional charges. 


Suit jacket alterations are the secret to achieving a polished and refined look. By understanding the most common alterations and finding a skilled tailor, you can transform any off-the-rack jacket into a personalized masterpiece that fits you like a glove. Don't settle for a mediocre fit when you can elevate your style with a few precise adjustments. Take the time to invest in suit jacket alterations and reap the rewards of a perfectly tailored ensemble.


The videos were taken in Dejavu Tailoring New York Location

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I had the pleasure of experiencing exceptional tailoring services from this talented individual. With his wealth of experience, it is evident that he truly knows his craft. Having a skilled tailor as your friend I truly recommend. Every man should have a tailor close to him that if you truly understand the importance of perfect fit and style.

One aspect that stood out to me was his attention to detail, particularly in the use of original hem. The end result was flawless, showcasing his expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch results.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for his excellent work and the positive impact it has had on my wardrobe. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of impeccable tailoring. Thank you for your exceptional craftsmanship and

Warm regards,
Mario Manosalvas


I was doing a quick Yelp & Google search for a tailor to hem 3 pairs of pants, and I found Dejavu Tailoring! I was initially very intrigued by the $5 basic hemming deal they always run, so I booked an appointment and headed uptown to the Wework that Kai’s studio is located in. He’s super nice & personable, and made me feel very comfortable the entire time.

My pants needed a little more finesse than basic hemming, so they ended up being a bit more for more complex stitching, which is still very very good price-wise especially for Midtown!

My stuff was ready less than a week later and the quality of the stitching was impeccable. Lines were super straight and neat, and the threads matched my clothes perfectly!

I’d definitely come back to Kai to get more tailoring done and he also has really cool custom jackets if you’re in the market for some really stylish leather cold-weather outerwear!

Thank you again Dejavu & Kai! I highly recommend him for all your tailoring needs :-)


I love this store have been shopping here every year for my don and myself. Wouldn’t go nowhere else! You can’t beat the price, customer service and over all quality. Moved out nyc and still catching myself commuting here just the beautiful coats. Thank you Dejavu

Gifty Ansah

one of the best tailors in the city. The finishing was really amazing and quick. Kai is super helpful and accommodating. Definitely visiting again!

Nikita P

One of the best tailor experiences! Got my stretch pants hemmed perfectly and the stitching is seamless! Amazing ambience and place to try your clothing, plus free coffee!

Abhishek Wahane

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